Canam ATV

Canam Generation 1, 2 and 3. We know them all very well and the modifications people do to them. And the tuning or adjustments required to make them reach full potential. 

MORE Throttle Response
MORE Horsepower
MORE Torque
MORE Speed

*Sale* price on Canam G2 ATV (2012+)
$300 usd
 / $350 cad – Includes return shipping !!!

Canam G1 (2006-2011) $350 usd / $400 cad + return shipping.

Paypal, Credit Cards, Canadian E-Transfers accepted.

The difference?
We strive to be the best at what we do. We don’t just stick a generic file in the ecu. Instead, we look at all your modifications (or planned modifications), your setup, fuel octane used. And reprogram your ecu for you. Each and every one is different and custom set. 

We know what we do and can tell you exactly what we adjust, and why. We do not turn off IBV valves, disable DESS security, disable fault codes or induce software problems that prevent ecu throttle learns or  connection with BUDS diagnostics. Hindering dealer connections or disable key security so anyone can steal your parked ride.   

Know what your getting.

Get what you want. 

We know ecu programming right from the design aspect. With our hands in over 1000 tunings on Canam engine’s alone… we know what makes them tick. What needs fixed…… And very importantly, what doesn’t need broke.

We even give you the options of having your say in what parameters you want set. And to what. 

The way they “should” come off the showroom.

MORE Throttle Response
MORE Horsepower
MORE Torque
MORE Speed
MORE Engine Cooling
Just… MORE of all the good stuff.
None of the bad. 
On top, 
You get your say in what you want 

Its easy. Normally 1 day turn around. Remove ECU. Print & fill out this form
ECU Flash_Form
Follow shipping instructions.

Every model, Every job, Custom for you.
Your information
Your requests
Your Build

Common Requests:
Change rev limiter to “x”
Remove speed limiter
Remove Reverse Limiter
Set Cooling fan points to “x”
Remove decel fuel cut (allow bigger throttle bodies, aggressive camshafts) Reduce Aggressive Engine Braking
Raise limp mode rpm thresholds
Adjust ignition timing for “x” fuel octane, nitrous, your specific parts, best power
Remove factory detuning
Change idle speed
Set older ecu up for newer oem parts (maverick heads and 54mm tb)
Special requests: Mate keys,  ecu’s, new dash pods, engine swap etc. Set DESS mode.
Setup for special needs like turbos or nitrous use
Adjust fuel for “x” reasons
Outside of minor filter, muffler, clutching mods – Fuel Tuning is really the job of a fuel tuner, not dependant on ecu programming. However, Stage 1 mods or specific reasons like injector changes, engine swaps etc can have fuel adjusted. The end tuning is the responsibility of the user. 

Contact for more information

Special Note: We have seen the Canam G2 ecu let dirt or moisture past the factory sealing. Included in price is to encapsulate the electronics with design specific electronic sealant. Thermally conductive. Non-reactive with metals. Impervious to water, salt, exhaust heat, gasoline, oil and vibrations. Increases heat dissipation of internal ecu parts. Giving you a completely more robust design then from OEM.