Legacy Products

Currently Monster Fi does not have time to offer any custom tuning products. 

Titan Tuner:
A dirt simple, dirt cheap fuel tuner that just plugs in and gives access to 8-16 pre configured fuel maps. Connects to Fuel Injectors + Ground.

Fuel Monster Tuner: The most precise and accurate dynamic fuel tuner giving users 256 load zones per cylinder to tune in anything you can throw at your engine. It completely re-maps the factory ecu from startup, to warm up, to different temperatures and elevations. Connects to Fuel Injectors + Ground. (And optional Autotune)

Monster Ace: Has the Titan Tuner, Fuel Monster Tuner and everybody else’s Fuel Tuner all built in. And operates them at same time in parallel. Going to a level of re-mapping ability surpassing being inside the factory ecu.  Even turbos’s. (factory or aftermarket) Connects to Fuel Injectors + Ground. Optionally Throttle Position Sensor, Manifold Pressure Sensor. (And optional Autotune) 

Monster Power tuner: A straight forward powerful tuner that re-maps fuel, ignition timing, rev limit, speed limit and optionally cooling fan. A joint venture of the Fuel Monster tuner and the Tune Monster ecu. Connects to Fuel Injectors + Ground + Crank Sensor + Ignition Coil. Optionally coolant fan. (And optional Autotune)

Tune Monster ecu: The original. The most powerful tuning product ever made. This takes complete control of the engine away from the factory ecu, giving it to the user. There are no limits to what builds / turbos / fuel pressure / injectors / throttle bodies / engine swaps / ecu delete’s etc that you want to use. You can leave the factory ecu intact to run the dash and factory options or run it standalone for custom build machines as desired. Connects to Fuel Injectors + Throttle Position Sensor + Manifold Pressure Sensor + Ground + Crank Sensor + Ignition Coil + Keyswitch + Coolant Temperature Sensor + Air Temperature Sensor + Coolant fan. (And optional Autotune)

All Monster products offer tuning point / table points as user adjustable. Throttle positions, rpm’s load points, map pressure points, Boost Pressure points etc.

All Monster products offer Dynamic Tuning. Monster exclusive “Environment Tuning”. This gives the ability to have different tuning applied under all different scenario’s. As temperature, elevation, throttle vs air pressure or load changes, monster tuning automatically (and very accurately) adjusts as required. Every single factory ecu fuel decision can be outputted to a new value. Absolutely every other brand fuel tuner on the market is simply a static tuner. They apply the same correction under various scenario’s and tuning is not consistent with engine requirements. Engine Temperature, Outside Temperature, Air Entering Cylinder Temperature, Load, elevation etc will change, but their tuner retains the exact same fuel % correction over very broad circumstances. It is static. It adjusts or corrects in very limited fashion.

Dynamic Monster Fi products all re-map the entire fuel delivery system. The esculsive ability to adjust cranking fuel (cold, warm, normal and hot) , warm up (from cold to operating temp) cold idle to hot idle. As well as individually per cylinder.



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