Fuel Tuning

Monster Fuel Injection is proud to offer a collaboration with Dynojet Research.
The Monster Fi Petrol Controller aka “MFPC” is a powerful piggyback fuel controller that connects in-line with the fuel injectors. Adjusting fuel delivery to match any airflow mods a user has done. Maximizing power and engine longevity.
Carefully set operation fulfils the ability for novice users to pro users. From stock machines to full out crazy built. Remapping fuel with a laptop or without through the devices on-board adjustments and map selection pots.

MFPC Fuel Tuners

2006-2011 800, 2007-2009 500 / 650, 2012 Max
2012-2015 800 / 1000,  2010-2015 500, 2010+ 650,  2016+ 570
2016+ 850, 1000
Commander 800 / 1000
Defender 800 / 1000
Maverick 1000
DS450 / 400 / 450 / 450L
Spyder 2007+ 1000

Scrambler / Sportsman 850 / 1000
RZR 900 / 1000
Ranger 900 / 1000

MFPC – Outside of Canada

USD $250 + $25 shipping. Please specify model at check out. (Outside of North America will have shipping options verified and given)


MFPC – Canada (Except Ontario)

CAD $330 + GST + $20 shipping. Please specify model at checkout.


MFPC – Ontario Canada

CAD $330 + HST + $15 shipping. Please specify model at checkout.


MFPC Software Download


In-Field adjustments right on device let you switch between 10 different maps and adjust up to +/- 12% in 3 specific zones of:
– idle and
cruising (1000-4000rpm)
– Mid Range (4000-7000rpm)

– Top End (7000rpm +)

Cracking open the Monster Tuning software gives:
– Full Digital gauges indicating Throttle Position, RPM, Input Pulsewidth from ecu, Injector Duty Cycle, Tuner Fuel Adjustment, Active Map (panel switch position), On Device fuel settings pre 3 zones. Total fuel adjustment (from map table + device in-field settings) Table tracer to show Active cell in table while engine is running.
User choice of 4 map sizes.
A small easy 6 point map for quick learning and setting of basic bolt on modifications or better tuning factory tuning to make exhaust run cooler etc.

Easy Table 6
A mid sized 8 point map that gives a little finer tuning at low throttle positions than the Easy Table 6.

Mid Table 8
A big sized 14 point table for those tuner guys who have a bit of experience or for modifications that need the control.

Big Table 14
A super sized full 18 point table for the ultimate in control to tune in anything thrown in front of it. The only device of this caliber.

Full Table 18
MFPC device can easily be configured by end user to:
– switch advanced mode (1 tuning table per cylinder) or basic mode (single table for both cylinders)
– change rpm spread from 500rpm points to 250 rpms points.
– Any particular table size can be loaded to any or all 10 maps positions. So if you like one particular set-up, you can have that table size across all maps.
– Add user notes to any tune. Or read notes for any downloaded or installed tune.