Canam Spyder

Monster Fi reprograms all years and engines of the Canam Spyder.

$350 usd / $400 cad (+ return shipping)


ECU Removal Instructions

1330cc Flash

  • Ultra smooth throttle transitions
  • +15% torque increase, up to +20% horsepower
  • Roll-on power is improved 1000-5000 rpm.
  • New Ultra wide power band gives vast power gains 5000 rpm to redline
  • 91 Octane Tune (can use 93 to promote best power output)
  • Works with every combination of stock exhaust, cat delete or free flow muffler
  • Retains factory mapping, feedback systems and fuel mileage under half throttle
  • Stock 8100 or 8600 rpm limiter choice (or anywhere 8800-9200 at user’s discretion)

998cc Flash

  • same features as our 1330 flash with the exception of different rpm limiter. (and the older non ETB models dont have torque limiting)

Torque Limiting

Torque Limiting Vid

RT Test Clips

RT SE6 Tests