TM v3.1+

Tune Monster Firmware Upgrade – Available for ALL previous TM units (pre July 2015) ATV + all wired in standalone ecu’s (ATV’s or UTV’s). This update brings your Tune Monster ecu to next generation. Operation and layout is optimized and improved. Remote update.  – $50 usd       Small Buy Now Button

TM Firmware Version 3.1 features:

– All new mapping table layouts and operation = simplicity + precision.
– New engine start up logic (fueling, ignition and noise filtering) = factory fast starting and durability. (All Engine Builds)
– New acceleration fuel logic option. = even quicker throttle response.
– Expanded spark offset table for cylinder 2. = best idle, smoothest cruising and best wot power with no compromise.
– Faster communication between ecu and laptop. = more datalog information samples and even quicker auotuning.
– Self mapping (no laptop tuning) changes in parameters, names and operation.
– Closed loop operation added.
– Launch Control Added. (pre TM ver2.6) = quicker hole shots and more won races.
– Software layout and Menu changes = a step for simplicity
– Higher Res and New Dashboard.
– All new gauges
– Boost gauge added

– Data Logging on/off indicator added
– Base settings for “Power Extractor” added. (this is future automatic max power mode. High Tech EFI)

Fuel Mapping Detail:

– New logic uses a bigger Main Mapping table. Fuels both cylinders. New Trim table +/- fuel from main mapping to balance the engine. (Built in Fuel Monster on channel 2)
This adds,
– New ability to do true dual cylinder tuning with the use of only 1 exhaust sensor. = cheaper hardware costs.
– New cylinder balance data. Shows how parts interact and tests for “inferior / superior” aftermarket parts and modifications.
– more rpm table points for greatest flexibility with airflow swings. (big throttle bodies and camshafts)
– fuel table value scaling gives autotune 10x more resolution for absolute precise tuning.
– downsized to 1 AFR table used for both cylinders. = another step for simplicity.

TM_v31 Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 7.18.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 7.16.58 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 7.31.19 PM