USA Outlet

For those in the USA wanting quicker turn around with less downtime then shipping to Canada or like dealing with a USA company – we have a partnership with Wick-It Performance in Louisiana doing in-house ecu reprogramming. No worries, this is the same custom Monster reprogramming done remotely or even collaborated files for some applications.

Wick-It performance also offers in-house dyno tuning for those wanting tuning or horsepower testing services.

Note: For ALL Canam & Polaris SxS / SSV TURBO model ecu reprogramming for USA customers – MUST go through the Wick-It LA Outlet. All tunes were developed on Wick-It’s Mustang dyno and in-field testing there as well. 

Contact and shipping information:

Wick-It Performance
1725D N Hearne Ave
Shreveport, LA
USA, 71107