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Ontario, Canada. Monster Fi reprograms all Canam & Polaris ECUs (Other models growing) Custom, to your wants & needs. 

We don’t supply a file. We provide a service. 

About Us: We like more. 

MORE Throttle Response
MORE Horsepower
MORE Torque
MORE Speed

$350 usd / $400 cad
Paypal, Credit Cards, Canadian E-Transfers accepted.


We know ecu programming right from the design aspect. With our hands in over 1000 tunings on Canam engine’s alone… we know what makes them tick. What needs fixed…… And very importantly, what doesn’t need broke.

The way they “should” come off the showroom.

Its easy. 1 day turn around. Remove ECU. Print & fill out this form
ECU Flash_Form

Follow shipping instructions.

Every model, Every job, Custom for you.
Your information
Your requests
Your Build


Monster Fi: We know Fuel Injection.  

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